You can use this web to Copytrade your OP from Website. Testing it first with virtual account before you go to real, learn the seconds different and always check the ping speed.

Login Master token

Master token, this will be the source OP from all follower trade.

Master Account Open Contract

Your open contract will appear on the list below, you can Sell At Market if available. If you Sell At Market from website, this system will Sell At Market for all follower account


Telegram ID, set your telegram ID to send notification from LOG into your telegram. to Setup Chat into our bot

Follower Account

What is this

We made this tool to simply copy your trade from Open Contract

This tool detects the active OP from then OP the same parameters for all follower accounts, you can manage up to 50 follower accounts. if you want to set different stake you can set it on stake input for follower accounts.

For Master trade Support with Read only scope. This tool also support Log and SAM (Sell At Market) from website

Set token and Trade at Website.

Happy Trading (:.

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